Fireside Tales – Chapter Three

We are halfway through Simon and Penguin’s Fireside Tales. That means we have arrived at chapter three.

Have you seen the first two chapters? If you haven’t, why not watch them now; they are only three minutes long. You can find chapter one here and chapter two here.

As always, you can download the transcript with a glossary so you can follow as you listen. After you have watched the video, use the quiz to test your understanding.

At the end of chapter two, we left biologist Edward Wilson and his two companions shivering in their tent trying to decide whether or not to continue their journey. Watch chapter three to find out what happened next.

Chapter Three – Trial by Ice

Watch Chapter Four or try the quiz.


How well did you understand the story so far?

Try and answer these questions. You can watch the video again.

1. Why did the explorers have to stop so often?

  1. To eat and drink
  2. Because they were lost
  3. To take action to stop frostbite
  4. To rest

2. Why did Garrard have problems with his vision?

  1. Because he was snow-blind
  2. Because he couldn’t wear his spectacles due to condensation from his breathing
  3. He was short-sighted
  4. The ice on his face got in the way

3. How many hours did they travel each day?

  1. Nine
  2. Seven
  3. Eight
  4. Two or three

4. In a blizzard, what happened to the temperature?

  1. It decreased slightly
  2. It fluctuated between -40°C and -61°C
  3. It increased a little
  4. It went up a lot

5. The explorers slept well during the journey.

  1. True
  2. False


DOWNLOAD  Transcript and glossary (pdf)

DOWNLOAD  Quiz (pdf)




1c, 2b, 3c, 4d, 5b



Watch Chapter Four.


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