Telephone words – vocabulary mind map

Time for a new mind map. This one focuses on the vocabulary of phones and phoning.

The mind map has four sections. Three sections contain the nouns used to talk about and describe phones and phone numbers. The fourth section has a collection of verb collocations for talking about phone calls.

You can view the mind map on Popplet or click the button below to download the image file.


After you have done that, test your knowledge with this short quiz. The answers are at the end of the blog post.


Questions 1 – Verb collocations

Which of these verbs form collocations with the words ‘a call’?

    1. make
    2. miss
    3. do
    4. get
    5. take
    6. put
    7. hang up
    8. give

Question 2 – Common mistakes

Each of these sentences contains a common mistake. Identify and correct each mistake.

  1. I have to call to my colleagues in Italy.
  2. I’ll put you through my boss.
  3. Your client called earlier. Can you call back him?
  4. In my job, I do a lot of calls with customers.

Question 3 – part of a phone

Match these words to the parts of the phone.

  1. earpiece
  2. screen
  3. keypad
  4. handset
  5. call button



Now check the answers to see if you were right.


Question 1

make a call

miss a call

get a call

take a call

give someone a call

Question 2

  1. I have to call my colleagues in Italy.
  2. I’ll put you through to my boss.
  3. Can you call him back?
  4. In my job, I make a lot of calls to customers.

Question 3

  1. earpiece (b)
  2. screen (c)
  3. keypad (d)
  4. handset (a)
  5. call button (e)


Other telephone language

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If you have any questions about the mind map, leave a comment below.

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Internet vocabulary – Interactive exercise

One of the most popular recent blog posts here has been the Internet vocabulary mind map.

People from all over the world have read the blog post and downloaded the mind map.

In response, we decided to create an interactive learning module using some of the vocabulary from the mind map.


Internet vocabulary interactive exercise

Louise and Simon helped Barney to test the module. In the process, they learned a lot more about the names of elements of a webpage and what those elements are used for.

So, if you need to learn the different between check boxes and radio buttons and to drag & drop and to hover, click on the red button below and try the interactive learning module.


We are creating more and more interactive materials for our blog and to support our language courses. If there is a particular area of language you think we should focus on, please use the comment box below or contact us with your ideas.