Fireside Tales

Fireside Tales is a series of six short videos. In these videos, Simon tells the story of The Worst Journey in the World. This is the story of an early polar expedition. Three explorers face the cold of the Antarctic winter in the name of science.

You can watch all the videos here on the Stratford Teachers website.

Each video comes with a complete transcript, a short quiz to test your understanding and a list of key vocabulary.

Chapter 1 – The Mission

Chapter 2 – The Journey Begins

Chapter 3 – Trial by Ice

Chapter 4 – At the Colony

Chapter 5 – Fight for Survival

Chapter 6 – Bringing the Story Up-To-Date

If you just want to watch the videos, go to Barney’s YouTube channel.

If you enjoy these videos, please keep coming back. Simon and Barney have recorded a new series and we will start putting the videos on the website early in 2021.

All the best and stay safe.

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Focus on vocabulary

Magnifying glass over Macmillan Learner's Dictionary

There are many words in English that learners get confused. Sometimes this is because the two English words are very similar. Sometimes this is because an English word looks or sounds similar to a word in your language but has a different meaning. This second type is called a false friend.

Try our Easily Confused Words Quizzes.

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