Learn English online, face-to-face

At Stratford Teachers, we use the internet to teach English face-to-face. Our classroom is the world and our students are everywhere.

This means you can have lessons at times that are good for you and study the English you need for work, school and your future.

One 30-minute lesson on Skype or Google Hangouts followed by personalised, written feedback costs £30.

Use the form below to tell us what you want and we will design lessons or a course to meet your needs.

Learn with us

Send us a message.

We offer excellent discounts

Get a 5% discount when you buy 5 lessons and 10% for 10 lessons. If you buy 20 lessons, we will give you a discount of 20%. That’s 4 lessons for free!

Contact us for more information.

Specialised lessons

If you want to focus on a specific area of English, try one of our new range of 30-minute specialised lessons.

There are four categories:

Each 30-minute lesson focuses on one topic. The lesson costs £15 and includes a downloadable summary and set of activities.

If you are interested, contact us for more information.

You can also sign up for our Newsletter. The next edition will contain lots more details about the topics and the format of the lessons.

Our blog

Read our regular Top Tips blog posts to find out about what you can study with us.

Our Newsletter

The Stratford Teachers quarterly email newsletter contains:

  • advice for learning English
  • special offers and
  • other news from Stratford Teachers.

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What our students say

“I have completed my first lesson cycle with you and I would like to thank all of you for this fantastic ‘journey’.”


“I feel more confident with my English and this is what I expected when I started few months ago. It means you have made a great job.”


“The possibility to have a conversation with different teachers. It has been really helpful also to improve my listening skills.”


“(T)he feedback have been very detailed and useful to better understand the weaknesses and to work on them.”

EL from Italy

“I choose ten lessons, and it was very very useful for me. My lessons were tailored exactly to my individual needs. Teachers were perfect, flexible and provided me good feedback.”

ET from Peru

Read more comments from our students.

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