A virtual visit to Stratford upon Avon

The River Avon at Stratford upon Avon during the River Festival, July 2018

The little town of Stratford upon Avon in the middle of England is known to everybody as the home of writer William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is famous all around the world for his plays and poems. Every year more than a million tourists visit the town. They can see where Shakespeare started his life and visit his grave. If they have time, they can see one of his plays performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. They can also walk through the town’s medieval streets or sit by the river.

Of course, this is not possible at the moment because of the international pandemic and all the restrictions connected with that. The streets of Stratford upon Avon are as quiet and empty as thousands of other towns around the world.

However, you can take a virtual visit to our town as well as learn about the English of William Shakespeare.

Stratford and the language of Shakespeare – part 1

Stratford and the language of Shakespeare – Part 2

Stratford and the language of Shakespeare – part 1 – the answers

Stratford and the language of Shakespeare – Part 2 – the answers

The Dirty Duck pub. (Also known as the Black Swan)
The Dirty Duck pub. (Also known as the Black Swan)

If you really want to follow in the footsteps of William Shakespeare, then a visit to Stratford upon Avon should include going to one of the many pubs for a drink and to talk to friends. Watch these videos to help you prepare for your visit to the pub.

Stratford Teachers Pub Quiz

The Rules of Small Talk

We hope that you will be able to visit Stratford upon Avon in the future when all the restrictions are lifted. Until then Stay Safe.

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There are many words in English that learners get confused. Sometimes this is because the two English words are very similar. Sometimes this is because an English word looks or sounds similar to a word in your language but has a different meaning. This second type is called a false friend.

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