Fireside Tales – Chapter Five

Here is part five part of Simon and Penguin’s Fireside Tales.

You can find chapter one here, chapter two here, chapter three here and chapter four here.

You can download the transcript with a glossary so you can follow as you listen. After you have watched the video, use the quiz to test your understanding.

At the end of chapter four, biologist Edward Wilson and his companions Bowers and Garrard had completed their 108 kilometre trek through the Antarctic winter to visit an Emperor Penguin colony. They had collected five penguin eggs for scientific study but, as they climbed back to their camp, Garrard slipped and fell. Watch chapter five to find out what happened next.

Chapter Five- Fight for Survival

Watch Chapter Six or try the quiz.


How well did you understand the story so far?

Try and answer these questions. You can watch the video again.

1. The explorers collected five eggs. Why did they return with only three?

  1. Garrard broke two when the storm destroyed the hut
  2. Garrard ate two eggs during the storm
  3. Garrard broke two when he fell over
  4. The storm blew two eggs away

2. What did the explorers lose because of the storm?

  1. The tent
  2. Part of the cooker
  3. Many of their teeth
  4. Two of the penguin eggs

3. Why was it difficult to use the damaged cooker?

  1. Because Bowers fell into a crevasse
  2. Because they had left one sledge at the hut
  3. Because they were moving faster
  4. Because of the frostbite risk

4. Why was the sky brighter in the middle of the day?

  1. Because snow conditions were better
  2. Because temperatures were higher on the sea ice
  3. Because the sun was nearer to appearing above the horizon

5. If the explorers had not found their tent, they would have died.

  1. True
  2. False


DOWNLOAD  Transcript and glossary (pdf)

DOWNLOAD  Quiz (pdf)




1c, 2b, 3d, 4c, 5a



Watch Chapter Six.


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