All our lessons are one-to-one. What we teach depends on you.

Tell us the situations where you need to speak in English and the people you need to speak English with. This information will help our teachers to plan your lessons.

Topics and objectives

Every lesson will have a topic and an objective. To save time, we use email to agree the topics and objectives. You can decide lesson by lesson or agree all the topics and objectives for a set of lessons.

Here are some examples:

Topic Objective
the key phrases for speaking in a meeting to improve how well you give your ideas and comment on the ideas of your colleagues
some new vocabulary you need for your job to increase how much detail you give when you talk about your job
an area of English grammar you want to review or learn to understand when and how to use the grammar correctly
the pronunciation of the sounds of English to speak clearly so other people can understand what you say
making small talk with colleagues to know how to ask and respond to typical questions in a social situation

In each case, you practise the language by speaking and your teacher gives you feedback. Go to How we teach for more information.

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