Read what our students say about their courses and lessons with us.


“(What I found most helpful was the) conversation in the lesson and the grammar.”


“(The feedback was) very good for everything we did in this lesson.”

GA from Italy

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“I have completed my first lesson cycle with you and I would like to thank all of you for this fantastic ‘journey’.”


“I feel more confident with my English and this is what I expected when I started few months ago. It means you have made a great job.”


“The possibility to have a conversation with different teachers. It has been really helpful also to improve my listening skills.”


“(T)he feedback have been very detailed and useful to better understand the weaknesses and to work on them.”

EL from Italy

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“The feedback was always very detailed. I appreciated the examples, the links to Dictionaries and other links with interesting information”


“During the lessons, I found very useful and clear when the teacher writes and shares the screen.”

MB from Spain

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“I choose ten lessons, and it was very very useful for me. My lessons were tailored exactly to my individual needs. Teachers were perfect, flexible and provided me good feedback.”

ET from Peru

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“I can organize my lessons in weekend with great flexibility and for me this is crucial to attend the course.”


“I’m more confident in using English at work and I enjoy my lessons.”


“I collect all feedback papers in a book that is for me more useful than any other because it is customized on my mistakes and areas of improvement.”

FR from Italy

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“The adaptation of the courses (was) according to the needs of the student.”


“The layout and content of the reporting after each course (was very helpful).”

ML from France

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“(T)he lessons help me to achieve my aims. I feel I improve my language and my vocabulary and pronunciation.”


“You are very helpful about everything and you help us to study lots of vocabulary and pronunciation and you record the pronunciation(. T)his is very help us.”

AAT from Syria

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“(What was most helpful about the lessons were) (t)he different teachers and the different ways to learn.”


“It is another way to learn – very private.”


“You are all very lovely and good teachers.”

AL from Germany

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“Your comments were extremely clear and understandable and I made the changes accordingly. Also, it helped a lot that you explained the reasons for your improvements.”


“I am extremely happy to have asked you to comment on my work, I really learned a lot!”


“I like your approach in correcting my synopsis very much.”

“I appreciate very much how seriously you have taken your task.”


ADC from Austria

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