Some people need to prepare for a specific event such as an important international meeting or a presentation. Lessons which focus on key language and skills can help you to perform more successfully.

When you book and pay for lessons to prepare for your job, you can have the lessons on consecutive days, once or twice a week, or whenever fits your personal timetable. This can include the day of the event if you wish.

To prepare for your job, you can:
  • practise what you want to say to increase your fluency
  • focus on language and phrases for meetings, presentations, or conference calls
  • study and practise the important vocabulary you need to use
  • refresh and practise the key areas of English grammar you need to use and understand
  • practise correct English pronunciation
  • role-play parts of the meeting or give your presentation
  • review key language to check your progress
  • get feedback on your mistakes and the areas you need to improve
Each lesson includes:
  • a 30-minute lesson using Skype or Google Hangouts
  • an email with detailed written feedback, links to online resources such as dictionaries and videos, and advice on learning independently.

Here is someone who had lessons with Stratford Teachers to prepare for his job.


Takashi is an auditor for an international financial services company.


He needed to prepare and give a presentation in English to the representitives of an international client.


He booked 4 lessons and had these lessons over a period of 2 weeks. His last lesson was the day before the presentation.


In the lessons, he learned and practised the standard phrases for opening, structuring and closing a business presentation. He reviewed the main English tenses so he could explain the background of the project, current situation and his forecast for the future. He practised giving the complete presentation and answered questions.


His teachers gave him feedback on his pronunciation and how to use his voice to emphasise important information in his presentation. The written feedback focussed on key mistakes he needed to correct in the spoken part of his presentation and on his PowerPoint slides.


After his lessons, Takashi felt his presentation was more structured, he could speak more clearly, and he was more confident about dealing with audience questions.


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