Some people only use their English once or twice a month, or a few times a year. Occasional lessons can help you to refresh your English. This means you will feel more confident when you have to speak English in important situations.

You can book and pay for an occasional lesson any time you like.

In an occasional lesson, you can:
  • speak to practise your fluency
  • focus on the language for a business situation like a presentation or phone conference
  • refresh your knowledge of English grammar
  • study important vocabulary for your job
  • practise correct English pronunciation.
Each lesson includes:
  • a 30-minute lesson using Skype or Google Hangouts
  • an email with detailed written feedback, links to online resources such as dictionaries and videos, and advice on learning independently.

Here is someone who has occasional lessons with Stratford Teachers.


Javier is a sales manager for a construction company.


Last year, an American company took over his company. Javier now needs to speak to his American colleagues on the phone.


He books occasional lessons, usually to prepare before an important phone call.


In the lessons, he practises language for checking and clarifying and gets feedback on his pronunciation.


The feedback from his teacher explains some key mistakes he needs to avoid and gives links to online dictionaries so he can listen to and repeat the correct pronunciation of important words.


Javier says that his lessons help him to feel more confident when he speaks to his American colleagues on the phone. The lessons also help him to communicate his ideas and opinions more clearly. The phone calls are now less stressful than in the past.


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