We teach online using Skype or Google Hangouts. Each lesson is 30 minutes. After the lesson we send an email with written feedback and advice on learning independently.


Speaking a language is a skill. The only way to develop a skill is to have lots of practice. That means you will talk as much as possible in the lessons.


However, using a language is also about communication. So, the lessons will be a conversation: you will also ask your teachers questions and practise understanding spoken English. This is why it can be good to have lessons with more than one teacher.


When you are learning a language, it is very important to repeat what you learned. In some lessons, you will learn new things. In other lessons, you will practise to help you remember and be more fluent. This will review key language to check your progress. This will highlight areas that need more work.


After every lesson, your teacher will send you written feedback. Go to How we give feedback for more information.

Independent study

Learning a language does not only happen when you are talking to a teacher. The best way to make progress is to practise and study before and between lessons. Your teachers will tell you about useful resources and give you advice on how to use those resources to study independently.

Go to What we teach for more information about the topics you can study with us.

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