Some people want to improve their overall level of English. A set of lessons can help you to make progress in all areas of your English. This means you will be able to speak and understand English with more confidence. You will be able to use a larger vocabulary and more correct grammar. Other people will be able to understand you better.

When you book and pay for a set of lessons, you can have the lessons on consecutive days, once or twice a week, or whenever fits your personal timetable.

In a set of lessons, you can:
  • speak to practise your fluency
  • focus on the language for business situations like meetings, presentations, phone calls and conferences, and negotiations
  • refresh your knowledge of English grammar, and learn and practise new grammar
  • study and practise important vocabulary for your job and for social situations
  • practise correct English pronunciation
  • review new language to check your progress
  • get feedback on your mistakes and the areas you need to improve
  • develop learning strategies to help you improve your English independently.
Each lesson includes:
  • a 30-minute lesson using Skype or Google Hangouts
  • an email with detailed written feedback, links to online resources such as dictionaries and videos, and advice on learning independently.

Here is someone who had a set of lessons with Stratford Teachers.


Birgitta is an IT specialist for a multinational insurance company.


She needs to participate in meetings with colleagues from all over the world. As well as the meetings, she also needs to socialise with some of her international colleagues.


She booked 5 lessons and had these lessons over a period of 2 months.


She often had her lesson the day before a meeting to help her prepare.


In the lessons, she practised how to give her opinions and make suggestions and how to agree and disagree with her colleagues. She reviewed the main English tenses and modal verbs. She also practised asking social questions and increased her vocabulary for small talk topics.


The feedback from her teachers included summaries of the language she studied, explained some key mistakes she needed to correct. The teachers also set reading and listening tasks for Birgitta to do between lessons.


After her set of lessons, Birgitta said she could speak more in the meetings and felt more comfortable making small talk with her colleagues.


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