Story writing project – travel vocabulary – part 2

Here is the next part of our story writing project based on your suggestions.

London to Paris

Story so far ….

~ My Trip to  Paris ~

Last month I wanted to go away for a long weekend. I decided to go to Paris because I could take the train from London and I’ve never travelled on the Eurostar. I booked the tickets and the hotel online and got a great discount so I was really pleased.

I had to arrive at the station half an hour before the train was going to leave because I had to check in and go through passport control. It’s really difficult to park in London so I decided to go by taxi. That’s where things started to go wrong!

Part 2

I took a long time to pack and forgot to book a taxi to the station. Instead, I left my flat and flagged down a black cab.

black cab
Black cab

Unfortunately the streets were very crowded because there was an annual carnival that day! I was very tense as the taxi drove slowly along narrow back streets. Thankfully, I arrived at the station thirty minutes before the train was due to depart.

With thanks to Shehnaz and Tamara for their ideas and contributions.

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