Story Writing Project – Travel Vocabulary – Part 8

Before we continue the story, have a look back at part 7. Notice how we used ‘could’ to talk about possibility. In part 8, look for verbs that are used with speech.

~ My trip to Paris ~

Part 7: The Eiffel Tower

I remembered I could use the internet and the navigation system on my phone. This was a very good idea. I only needed to walk for ten minutes to get to the hotel.

Eiffel Tower

It was a little hotel in an old house. It had lovely rooms in the French style. A few minutes later I was on my way to the Eiffel Tower, the most famous building in Paris. It has always been my dream to visit it.

It was easy to find because I could see it from the hotel. However, when I arrived there, all I could see were a lot of people standing in queues. I’d understood that you could go up the Eiffel Tower inside the four legs. There are elevators in two of the legs. The other two only have stairs. Unfortunately, one elevator had broken down and its entrance was closed.

I decided to take the stairs because the queue was not so long. When I arrived at the first platform, I was pleasantly surprised by the view over Paris. Then I looked again and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Part 8: The balloon

Hot air balloonThere was a hot air balloon hanging in the sky in front of me.

“Where did that come from?” I asked a woman next to me.

“Look,” she replied. “The pilot is waving at us.”

I looked at the pilot and waved back. He continued to wave.

“I don’t think he’s saying ‘Hello’,” said the woman. “I think the balloon is in trouble.”

She was right. The balloon was getting nearer to us. It was quite low.

“Will it hit the tower?” I asked the woman.

Before she could answer, the lift attendant shouted, “Evacuate now!”

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One thought on “Story Writing Project – Travel Vocabulary – Part 8

  1. Stated screaming and ordered to evacuate, the tourists began running and shouting I was very confused at the moment.I started running toward the stairs ,screaming ,searching for an exit. In the midst of fear I surprised that every thing was a shoot in a movie.At that moment I remembered a film by Jackchan and ILoughed alot then every thing returned to Its nature and I back to my trip in Paris and I returned to meditate in the sky from the most beautiful tower in the world the Eiffal .


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