Merry Christmas from Stratford Teachers

Stratford Teachers round hte Christmas tree

Merry Christmas to everybody from all of us at Stratford Teachers.

2017 has been a good year for us. As well as teaching hundreds of online lessons, we’ve also delivered face-to-face courses here in Stratford upon Avon, proof-read an academic thesis, and helped people in China to practise their English pronunciation.

Next year we will continue to provide our popular and flexible online lessons and adding to our blog. We are currently planning a new pronunciation course which wil combine online, face-to-face learning with specially designed videos and interactive exercises.

Is there anyway we can help you to improve your English? Contact us to talk about it.

Here’s a little Christmas present from us to you. Test your knowledge of English prepositions by decorating our Christmas tree .


Decorate the Christmas Tree

(Note this doesn’t work in Microsoft browsers. Please use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.)

Linda, Simon, Barney, Joy, Louise & Stephen



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