Words making the headlines – test yourself

In Words making the headlines last week, we focused on the word deal.

This week you can test yourself. How well do you know the words that go together with deal?

Read and listen to the text again then try the exercises.

Words making the headlines – deal

Signing a dealAll across Europe, people, companies and governments are trying to make deals with each other. The British government wants to get a deal on Brexit so that it can then negotiate trade deals with other countries. Taxi company Uber is hoping to strike a deal with the transport authorities in London over its licence to operate in that city. French public sector trade unions want to cut a deal with President Macron over budget cuts. In Germany, newly re-elected Chancellor Merkel is working hard to close a deal with possible coalition partners.

Of course, everybody wants to get a good deal. Prime Minister May is worried that the UK may not get a fair deal from the European Union. She is even making plans for a no deal Brexit in case any deal with the EU falls through. Many people in Catalonia think they get such a rough deal from the government of Spain that they want the region to declare independence.

Across the Atlantic, however, the author of a book called ‘The Art of the Deal’ is not interested in doing deals. President Trump says he wants the USA to back out of the deal to address climate change made in Paris last year. At the same time, he has made it clear that he doesn’t want to discuss a deal with the leadership of North Korea to avoid military conflict.

Mr Trump, famously, is not an easy man to deal with. Try to remember that next time you’re finding it difficult to make a deal with a customer or colleague.


Exercise A

Read and listen to the text and then answer the questions.

1. What three expressions can you find in the text which mean ‘make a deal’?

2. What expression in the text means the opposite of ‘a good deal’?

3. What expression can we use when a deal is unsuccessful or does not happen?

4. What expression in the text means to change your mind after you have agreed a deal?

Exercise B

Now use the expressions in the box to complete the sentences.

fair deal cut a deal fell through backed out of the deal
close the deal rough deal deal with


1. Although they have not announced an agreement, negotiators from both sides are working hard to ____________________ before Friday’s deadline.

2. The young entrepreneur is hoping to ____________________ with financiers which will enable him to start production of his latest invention.

3. A recent report claimed that budget airlines were giving passengers a ____________________ by charging extra for services such as hold luggage, meals and seat selection.

4. Strepco and Matrite had agreed on a merger but the deal ____________________ when the two sides failed to agree on the members of the new Board.

5. The company said it would refuse to ____________________ unelected union representatives.

6. United had agreed to buy City’s goalkeeper for an undisclosed sum, but ____________________ at the last minute.

7. Consumer rights groups said payday loan companies were taking advantage of customers, and new lending regulations were needed to help customers get a ____________________ on short-term loans.



Exercise A

1. strike a deal, cut a deal, negotiate a deal

2.  a rough deal

3.  to fall through

4.  back out on a deal

Exercise B

1. close the deal

2. cut a deal

3. rough deal

4. fell through

5. deal with

6. backed out

7. fair deal

How many did you get correct? Make a note of the vocabulary that is useful for your job and use it when you speak and write in English.

Text and picture by Barney

Exercises by Joy


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