Internet – vocabulary mind map

We really like visual learning tools at Stratford Teachers. That’s why we recommend mind maps.

You can use mind maps to brainstorm the vocabulary you know for a topic. This can help you to find gaps in your English vocabulary. Mind maps are also an excellent way to learn and review important vocabulary.

The benefit of mind maps you build on the internet is that you always have access to them. You can check them when you need to, add new words when you find them or re-orgniase the words as your understanding develops.

With this in mind, here’s another mind map we made using Popplet. This time, the topic is the internet. Like last week, click on the image to download the mind map or go to Popplet to see it online.

Internet vocabulary mind map

Vocabulary mind maps are never complete. There are many more words we could add to this one. Use the comment box to suggest any words that you would add.


UPDATE: We now have an interactive exercise to help you learn and practise some of the language in this mind map.  Try it here:



Do you need to expand your English vocabulary? Contact us to talk about it.



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