Story Writing Project – Travel Vocabulary – Part 5

Here is the next part of our story. We’ve highlighted the linking words and phrases in part 4. Look out for useful functional phrases in part 5.

You can read earlier parts of the story here: Parts 1, 2 and 3.

~ My trip to Paris ~

Part 4: The lost passport

I looked in my bag for a while, however the passport was nowhere to be found. I put my hands on my hips and looked up at the sky. I was so upset!


At that moment, I noticed something in my pocket. “Here it is!” Fortunately, the passport was in my trouser pocket. I remembered putting it there after I went through the metal detector. I felt so relieved and went towards the passport control.

Since the queue was not so long, my turn came quickly. I handed my passport to the officer, he inspected it then gave it back in a matter-of-fact manner. In the end, I went through passport control without any problems.

Now I needed to check which platform I should go to. I tried to ask one of the station staff. But, they started speaking to me in French!


Part 5: The train journey

I said, “I’m sorry. I don’t speak French. Do you speak English?”

“Of course,” she said. “You need to go to platform 3. The next train leaves in 5 minutes.”

I thanked her and walked quickly to platform 3. I checked my ticket for the carriage and seat reservation. My seat was in carriage D. It was a window seat but there was someone sitting in it.

“Excuse me,” I said. “I think that’s my seat.”

The man said, “Oh! I thought it was my seat.” He checked his ticket. “You’re right. I’ve got the aisle seat. Sorry about that.”

He stood up to let me sit down.

The sights along the journey were very interesting. I saw some beautiful English and French countryside. There were also some traditional buildings in the distance.

Gard du Nord
Gard du Nord railway station in Paris

Suddenly we were travelling through the suburbs of Paris. Finally, the train arrived at the Gard du Nord. I collected my bag and jumped off the train.

As I walked out of the station, I could smell the French perfume which I love. I’d always dreamed of visiting the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to go there straightaway but first I had to drop my bag at my hotel.

I decided to walk to the hotel but after 5 minutes I realised I was lost.

Thank you to Shehnaz for her ideas for this part of the story.

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One thought on “Story Writing Project – Travel Vocabulary – Part 5

  1. (I talked to myself) Omg what Im doing ? The right or left my direction I don’t know . I stopped little bit to collect my ideas 💡 ok no problem ,I should ask the policeman when I went to him and asked about my hotel .I surprised he didn’t speak English And I didn’t have a hotel card what I am doing


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