Pronunciation round-up

The schwa - the most common sound in English
The schwa – the most common sound in English

At Stratford Teachers, pronunciation is one of our favourite subjects. This is because it’s very important to have good pronunciation so people can understand you. Of course, it’s also an area of language that you can improve more quickly when you have a teacher.

Here are some of our blog posts about pronunciation from the last year.


The spelling of English words can be very confusing. We wrote three posts showing some common sound/spelling combinations :

Sounds and spelling  – vowels 1

Sounds and spelling  – vowels 2

Sounds and spelling – vowels 3


Sometimes, somebody asks you to spell your name over the phone. Here’s some help for doing that.

Spelling words with the international radio alphabet


What is the most common sounds in English? (Hint: look at the picture at the top of this page.) Click on this link and find out.

The most common sound in English


Another important part of English pronunciation but what is it?

What is word stress

Words with predictable stress


If you have any questions about English pronunciation, leave a comment below.

If you are interested in improving your pronunciation with Stratford Teachers, send us a message.


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