Story writing project – travel vocabulary – part 3

Here is the third part of our story writing project based on your suggestions. Part three contains lots of useful travel vocabulary items. How many can you spot?

The story so far …

~ My Trip to Paris ~

Part 1: The start

Last month I wanted to go away for a long weekend. I decided to go to Paris because I could take the train from London and I’ve never travelled on the Eurostar. I booked the tickets and the hotel online and got a great discount so I was really pleased.

I had to arrive at the station half an hour before the train was going to leave because I had to check in and go through passport control. It’s really difficult to park in London so I decided to go by taxi. That’s where things started to go wrong!

Part 2: The cab journey

black cab
Black cab

I took a long time to pack and forgot to book a taxi to the station. Instead, I left my flat and flagged down a black cab.

Unfortunately the streets were very crowded because there was an annual carnival that day! I was very tense as the taxi drove slowly along narrow back streets. Thankfully, I arrived at the station thirty minutes before the train was due to depart.

Part 3: Passport control

Passport control - picture from the UK Border Force
Passport control

Luckily, thirty minutes was just enough time to go through the security check and passport control because the queue was short.  At the security check, I opened my bag and took out my smart phone, my e-reader, and my toilet bag and put them into a tray. The security people passed the tray through their x-ray scanner. I walked through the metal detector and it made a “beep” sound!

“Oh, dear. It must my belt,” I said. I took my belt off, put it in another tray and then I went through the metal detector again. This time there was no sound.

I collected my things from the trays and put them back into my bag. Now all I had to do was go through passport control and get on the train. I started looking in my bag for my passport. Where was it? I remembered putting in my bag at home but now I couldn’t find it.

What was I going to do?

Thanks to Tamara for her idea.

Go to Leave a Reply at the bottom of this page and tell us what should happen in part 4.


2 thoughts on “Story writing project – travel vocabulary – part 3

  1. Then I collected my ideas and I relaxed. So I had enough time to remember all things that I should putting in my bag at home .finally I found it in laptop bag .


  2. Here is the idea of the story:
    I looked in my bag for a while, however the passport was not to be found. I was so upset and looked up at the sky with put my hands on the hip. At that moment, I felt something with my fingers. “Here it is!” Fortunately, the passport was in my trouser’s pocket. I put it after I went through the metal detection. I felt relieved and went towards the passport control.

    Since the queue for passport control was not so long, my turn had come shortly. I handed over my passport to the officer then he give it back in a matter-of-fact manner. Anyway, I passed passport control without any problems.

    Now I needed to check which platform should I go. I tried to ask station staff about it.


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