Easily confused words – Quiz 2

Magnifying glass over Macmillan Learner's Dictionary
Macmillan Learner’s Dictionary – photo by Barney

This is our second quiz looking at easily confused English words. You can see the first one here.

Each question has a pair of easily confused words and two sentences. Both sentences use one of the words. You have to decide which sentence is incorrect.

Test yourself. You can put your answers or any questions for us in the comments at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to use a dictionary to help.

Easily confused words 2 – Quiz

lastly / at last

a) At last, I’m going to talk about some of our plans for the new year.

b) You’re here at last! We’ve been waiting nearly an hour!


large / important

a) This is an important step. If you get it wrong, the recipe won’t work properly.

b) I work for an important food company. We employ nearly 10,000 people.


actually / currently

a) I’m not actually an employee of the company. I’m a freelance contractor.

b) He usually plays for Manchester City but he’s actually on loan to Ipswich Town.


assure / insure

a) In this part of the country, it’s important to assure your house against flooding.

b) I can assure you that your order will be delivered tomorrow.


personal / personnel

a) It’s a personal problem. I don’t want to talk about it.

b) We have a big personal problem. It’s difficult to recruit skilled people in this region.


Come back next week to see the answers.

By the team

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