An Introduction to English Pronunciation

Clear pronunciation is an important part of speaking a language.

Here is our list of the key aspects of English pronunciation:

  • the sounds of English
  • word stress
  • sentence stress
  • intonation
  • accent
  • clarity

We made a presentation to introduce these aspects. It explains each aspect and tell you why it is important when you are speaking in English.

The presentation is about 15-20 minutes. Make sure you click on the ‘full-screen’ button (in the bottom-right) and turn up the sound on your computer so you can see and hear everything clearly.

Introduction to Pronunciation - presentation

We hope you enjoyed this presentation.

Our next presentation will focus in more detail on the sounds of English.

Here is the link to the chart of the sounds you saw in the presentation. You can click to hear each sound.

Barney and Louise


If you have any questions about this or suggestions, leave a comment below.

If you are interested in learning with Stratford Teachers, send us a message.


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