Word stress: words with predictable stress

This time, we look at a group of words where word stress is predictable.

All these words end in the letters:

  • -sion
  • -tion
  • or -cian

and the sound /ʃən/

For each of these words, the strong syllable is the one before this last syllable.

Remember the word stress for ‘station’ /ˈsteɪ.ʃən/? The first syllable is the strong one because it comes before -tion.

Now watch the video to hear and practise some other examples.

Here are the words you hear in the video. with links to the Cambridge Dictionary definition and pronunciation.

Words with 2 syllables:


Words with 3 syllables:


Words with 4 syllables:


Words with 5 syllables:

If you want to practise matching these words to the phonetic symbols that show their pronunciation, here is a Quizlet study set.

By Louise and Barney


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