Sounds and spelling – Vowels 1

Part of learning vocabulary involves learning the sound of a word, but learners of English are often confused by English spelling and are not sure how words sound.

We have chosen some common sound/spelling combinations to help you.

We give the phonemic symbol, the letters which can make that sound, and some common examples.

You can also hear the words then pause the video to practise saying them.

Finally, we suggest that you create your own groups using words that are important for you.

We are starting with some vowel sounds.

Sound Spelling Examples
/ɪ/ i this listen
y gym typical
ui build guitar
e pretty
/i:/ ee green sleep
ie niece believe
ea increase teacher
e these complete
ey key
ei receipt receive
i police
/æ/ a can man pasta bank family dance*
au laugh*
/ɑ:/ a can’t dance*
ar scarf bargain
al half
au laugh* aunt*
ea heart
* in some British accents

Watch the video and practise saying the words.

Come back to the website next week for Sound and spelling – Vowels 2.

By Louise and Barney


If you have any questions about this, leave a comment below.

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